Site Clearance

PRG Site Clearance

Park Royal are well placed to provide a professional and reliable site clearance service. All our staff are CPCS qualified – ensuring the highest standards in Health and Safety are maintained.

We have a team of in-house engineers and mechanics to ensure our plant, equipment and vehicles are regularly serviced, maintained and ready for use, and as directly licensed waste carriers we can provide a no-nonsense service to remove site debris and waste materials. Where needed we can provide a full paper trail and supporting documentation for the disposal of contaminated material.

Our pragmatic and cost-effective approach ensures Clients come back to us time and again and our wealth of experience has enabled us to successfully deliver site clearance projects to the public, commercial and industrial sectors.

We always ensure our work is both as efficient and safe as possible, so why not give us a call, brief us on the job and we’ll sort it out for you quickly and competitively.

Clients include: 
Ascot Environmental, Birse, Encia Terracare, Volker Stevin
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